Spark Plugs

How do spark plugs work?

Spark plugs supply the spark required to ignite the air and fuel mixture that enters your engine, creating the explosion that produces power in your engine. These plugs are small but are incredibly important and powerful. They create electricity between two leads which aren’t touching, but close enough that electricity can jump between them. Spark plugs are part of your vehicle’s ignition system, and are responsible for putting the engine’s pistons in motion so your vehicle can run smoothly.

How often should I replace my vehicle’s spark plugs?

Usually, spark plugs are very durable and will not require replacing until several years and/or several thousand miles driven in your vehicle. We recommend having new spark plugs installed every 30,000 miles, but this depends on the quality and type of spark plug used. For example, copper spark plugs have the shortest lifespan and spark plugs made of stronger materials have a longer lifespan. 

What happens to a spark plug over time?

Although it takes time for spark plugs to face damage, all spark plugs will invariably wear out over time. When this happens, deposits form on the spark plugs from the air-fuel mixture that constantly enters your vehicle’s ignition system as you drive. A build-up of deposits can result in pre-ignition of the fuel, which causes an unreliable and jerky supply of energy to your vehicle. The distance between the two leads also widens over time as a result of extreme temperatures, normal wear and tear and debris. If the gap is too far apart, the spark plugs won’t function properly and there won’t be as much energy produced for your vehicle to move.

Why should I periodically replace my spark plugs?

Replacing your spark plugs as needed will guarantee that your vehicle starts properly and continues to give you a smooth, comfortable ride. New spark plugs will also provide:

  • Consistent production of optimal combustion: Fully functioning spark plugs means your vehicle’s combustion system will run in tip-top shape. 
  • Your vehicle will be more fuel efficient: The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence says that having faulty spark plugs can reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 30%. Having new spark plugs will maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy and will save you some gas money as well.
  • Smooth and energetic starts: A worn out spark plug was probably the reason your vehicle was having jerky starts. With brand new spark plugs, your vehicle will start like it’s brand new.
  • Less harmful emissions: Not only do new spark plugs save you gas, they also prevent harmful air pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

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